Snack attack

In our office there is usually a packet of biscuits on the go or a box of chocolates that somebody has bought in. Chances are it’s a similar situation where you work. Despite your best efforts I’m sure you get tempted in the middle of the afternoon when energy levels are flagging. Rest assured you are not alone.
It’s not uncommon for a client to tell me that they reach for a biscuit between meals to keep them going. And in our office, when the biscuits run out, a hot chocolate from the near by drinks machine seems to provide the next best option.

Another thing I regularly hear in practice is that many people feel they shouldn’t pick between meals and they try to last from one main meal to the next. So mid-afternoon they get an energy dip, their will-power weakens and they reach for both the biscuit and the hot chocolate to dunk it in!

To help maintain our energy levels throughout the day, healthy balanced snacks between main meals are a good thing. Mid-morning this could be a piece of fruit and a small handful of plain unsalted nuts. A couple of oatcakes spread with brazil nut butter or a handful of carrot sticks dipped in hommous may be other options mid-afternoon.

These combinations will help to maintain a sustained release of energy and provide you with a renewed focus during that late afternoon meeting.